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wedding caricature - couple swimming with tropical fish

This happy couple is blissfully cavorting in a tropical scene. They used the caricature artwork as part of their wedding invitation… in Hawaii.

Put a little global positioning in your wedding caricature

wedding caricature - bride and groom in front of a lighthouse

He proposed to her at this lighthouse. A large print of this caricature was on display at their wedding reception.

A wedding caricature can shine a light on your wedding too.

wedding caricature - San Francisco couple on the Golden Gate Bridge

An engaged couple lounge atop the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Get engaged in your wedding caricatures

Celebrate your union with a high quality custom caricature drawing! All I need to get started is an idea and a photograph or two. Send photos of the two of you together or separately. Include photos of your unique outfits or locations and I’ll do the rest. We can tweak the details and colors until it ’s perfect!

Contact Rhoda for your wedding caricature today!

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