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Learn digital painting technique from critically acclaimed books featured on the Corel website and written by….ME!

Rhoda Draws and two Digital Painting books

Using Corel Painter software and a WACOM tablet I have been creating unique digital artwork one brush-stroke at a time for 23 years.

What is Digital Painting?

With Corel Painter software, a pressure sensitive tablet from Wacom Technologies, and a reasonably powerful computer, you can imitate virtually any “natural” media. Then just buy one of my books and… practice, practice, practice.

wacom tablbet and digital painting scribblesalt="digital painting beginner shapes"

Start by scribbling, so you can get familiar with the Wacom tablet and learn to manage the brushes, colors, textures and other art, materials available in Painter.

digital paintings of pears

Then do a simple drawing of a pear using Painter’s tracing paper feature. You’ll move on to basic landscapes and city scenes. Advanced projects include illustration, life drawing, portraiture and abstract painting.

digital paintings of a classic nude

By the time you finish my Painter book you will have learned the principles of pixel-based digital art and mastery of Painter’s essential features. You will also have developed many fundamental skills needed for drawing and painting in any medium.

digital painting scribble

Corel Painter Books by Rhoda

See sample pages from my Digital Painting Fundamentals with Corel Painter books on

Digital Painting Fundamentals with Corel Painter X3
Painter X3 (thirteen)

Digital Painting Fundamentals with Corel Painter 12
Painter 12

Painter 11
Painter X (ten)

prefer videos?

Learning Corel Painter 2015 Training Video

Learning Corel Painter 2015 Training Video

Learn from Rhoda – a practical Painter training course that teaches real world skills »

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