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Dazzle your guests, your family and friends! Everybody loves to see the sketch or painting of your event come alive before their very eyes.

Zumo Event sketch, guest chef Abraham Salum

Get a lively and humorous drawing of your virtual group event

Capture your virtual events in real time (or later, using screen shots of your gathering). You will each get a group sketch that will bring smiles now and later.

I will do sketches in REAL TIME as you enjoy your celebration via ZOOM or other streaming media. Or, I can create your sketches or a painting in my studio (after the event) from screen captures or photos you provide.

Celebrate your whole event in Sketches

Do it like Vivian! Her 95th birthday party was remarkable…

Sketches via ZOOM or photos + Live sketches on location.

Sublime Guys, Zoom sketch
Live virtual event Zoom sketches
Coffee Talk, April 2, 2020
Carnaval mujeres en
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Event Painting

Hire Rhoda’s LIVE EVENT PAINTING, indoors or outdoors, at parties, weddings, wineries, conventions, festivals and fund-raisers.

You’ll get an acrylic painting on canvas that captures the essence of the event, and the end result is an original work of art that you’ll cherish for years.

artist Rhoda Draws with Yoona Glen wedding painting

Yoona and Glen’s Wedding Painting

Yoona Glen Wedding painting

Yoona is from Korea and Glen from Australia. During our lively meetings to develop a theme for the painting, we agreed that a crane and a kangaroo kissing would be a great symbolic (and humorous) element to include. The couple already had a ceremony in Korea, with lavish traditional costumes, and they provided me with numerous photo references of that event. I was able to prepare the layout on canvas in advance, so that the painting could be mostly finished LIVE at the reception, with only a few finishing touches in my studio needed.

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Kelts Kidd Wedding painting
Indian wedding painting by Rhoda Draws
Steampunk wedding painting by Rhoda Draws
Tricia and Ryan's wedding painting
Pier 12, Sanfrancisco wedding painting
Kelts-Kidd and art
Kelts-stage 7 DONE-mini
Gay dance 1me-van
Alea-Joe DONE-mini
Hawaiian 2slide
African 1slide
Pleasanton BAWF done
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Memory making wedding scenes painted live at your event or from your photos.

Watch Rhoda paint a wedding painting from photos at the San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Fair

The Party’s Over?

No problem…I can recreate it on canvas from photos that you provide.

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Fees are based on the size of your group event, format and the amount of detail.
Happy to give you a quote.
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  1. I think it is really cool that someone can get a zoom meeting sketched. My family was going to have a reunion over the summer but COVID-19 stopped that. I’ll look into getting us all on a zoom call and then having someone sketch or paint us all.

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