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Sketching Materials

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Sketching Supplies
I have developed this list to maximize your success at sketching  quickly on location. These items are all you need to use my methods. So, please leave your other art supplies at home.

I can provide you with a complete supplies kit in a clear vinyl hands-free pouch for $900 pesos ($45 USD)

     • Sketch book #1: white or ivory color, Mixed Media surface 5 x 8” to 8 x 10”: 100 to 180 lb. paper with slight “tooth” (texture). Suggested: Visual Journal with “mixed media” surface.
     • Black Micron pen, size .08 (waterproof)
     • Black Faber-Castell SC (Soft Chisel) or SB (Small Brushpen (waterproof)

  • Aquarelle (water soluble) pencils:, about 9 colors: burnt sienna, olive green, indigo, red, purple, orange, teal, yellow ochre, pink.  Caran d’Ache Supracolor  or Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer are best brands. Don’t buy a whole set of pencils, you can save money by getting them individually.
  • rainbow pencil,  (not water-soluble), produces different colors as you turn it.
  • a pencil sharpener with container for shavings
  • Waterbrush with a hollow barrel (medium or large tip) to fill with water, used to liquify the pigment in aquarelle pencil strokes.
  • Optional:
    Sketch book #2
    : Strathmore Toned (tan or gray) sketch paper, 5.5 x 8.5 (or similar), view-finder, Prismacolor white pencil (NOT water-soluble) for tinted paper.
  • Uni-ball Signo white gel pen. like a ball-point pen, used for opaque white lines.
  • VERY useful for your comfort and safety: sun hat or visor, drinking water, sunscreen, a light-weight collapsible stool. In San Miguel, stools are available for about 100 pesos at Calle Insurgentes #50.


More Quick Sketching workshops

Schedule for my next Quick Sketch sessions at
Riley Street Art Supplies, 1138 4th Street, San Rafael, CA:
Sunday, November 18   12 to 3 pm
Saturday, December 22  2 to 5 pm
Fee: $50 per session
Quick sketch techniques help you develop more confidence in drawing, and enable you to “loosen up”. We’ll do some warm-ups, then go out as a group and sketch in nearby locations. Continuing and first-time students are welcome.
To sign up and get materials list, please email me.

Drawing demos and workshops

I will be offering the following  demonstrations and workshops at Riley Street Art Center, 1138 4th Street,  San Rafael, CA:

Quick Sketching for Travelers (or anyone on the go):

FREE demo on August 11, from 11am to 1pm

Workshop: Saturday, August 18th, 2-5pm $50. Download the materials list: Quick Sketch Techniques

The Art of Caricature

FREE demo: Saturday, September 15th 11am to 1pm

Workshop: Saturday, September 22, 2 to 4pm. $35  Materials provided



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