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Custom Caricature Gifts for One, Two or Your Whole Crew

When you present a personalized caricature as a gift, you will make that person feel very special. Everyone who sees it will be amazed at how clever and thoughtful you are. Just send a photo and your custom gift can be a sensational surprise.

You get a rough sketch for approval, and the finished art can be changed at your request. I’ll send a high-resolution image file that you can easily print yourself. Fees shown are estimates and do not include the publication rights. Ask me about your usage needs.

Watch Rhoda draw a digital custom caricature from a photo.

Let me know how I can help. If you have questions, please get in touch

Custom Caricature: Groups

Family Tree caricature, 50th Anniversary gift

Deep discounts for large groups

Great for office teams or family reunions. 

This format, “heads in boxes”, works very well for the shelter-in-place conditions required during the pandemic. ZOOM meetings are perfect for me to draw participants in REAL TIME.

“When Covid-19 cancelled my in-laws 50th anniversary, we were struggling to find a special way to celebrate their milestone. I found Rhoda’s website and fell in love with her whimsical designs. She worked closely with us to create a one-of-a kind family tree, incorporating various personal preferences, personalities and even the family pets! The whole family loves the final result and I’m sure it will hang on my in-laws wall in a place of honor for many years to come.”
Penny M.

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Custom Caricature: head and shoulders

Custom caricature photo - Joseph
Custom caricature - Joseph
Head and shoulders,


Ask about discounts for batches of five or more faces.

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Custom Caricature: whole body

custom caricature photo 1
custom caricature: dancer in a pose
Whole body in a pose, without a background.


Kerry is a dancer who was pleased with this logo I created for her blog devoted to picture books about dance.

“Thank you so much for creating this fabulous piece and for being so flexible with me during the process. I absolutely love how the final art turned out! It is already up on my Web site, and it has made the whole site come alive.” – Kerry Aradhya

See how this caricature is used here: Picture Books & Pirouettes

Custom Caricature: action pose with 2 or 3 props

custom caricature: ukelele Dave
This caricature of a wine-loving man playing the ukelele was commissioned by his employer as a “Thank You” gift.


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Custom Caricature: 1 or 2 people in a scene

Detailed style with several personalized details in a scene.

$250 +

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custom caricature: Gene hauling a cart with his ex- and her baggage
This was an unusual commission! The fellow wanted me to create a visual reminder of why he broke up with the lady shown on top of a pile of boxes and containers indicating all the “baggage’ she came with. He provided me with considerable details and lots of reference images.


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Group caricature gift - Laurie Slays Another Dragon
Here is an example of a company gift. Laurie’s team asked me to create an illustration based on the idea that their boss had led them to success. It hardly matters what the actual project was….slaying a dragon was the perfect symbol for their triumph.

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