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Drawings and paintings
in traditional and digital media
by the Sausalito, California artist
formerly known as Rhoda Grossman

Rhoda Draws in her studio

Drawing and painting came easily to me as a child. Entering high school I was told I was ‘too smart to be an artist,” but I wasn’t smart enough to know how wrong that was until age 30. I’ve been trying to make up for lost time.

My favorite subject is the female nude, especially a zaftig (full-figured) one. Gesture drawing, capturing the essence of a pose in just a minute or two, is not just a warmup exercise for me–it is the main event. I often bring a portable Macintosh computer and a Wacom tablet to figure drawing sessions, where I use Corel’s Painter software to draw the model.

Exploring the cross-pollination of pigment and pixels, I use digital paintings of the figure to inspire my work at the easel. My goal is to retain the fresh energy of quick studies in my paintings on canvas. I often combine two or more simple poses to develop more complex compositions that can include abstract or playful elements. I never tire of finding new ways to blend digital and traditional techniques.

I’m drawn to purples, reds and saturated pinks not only in painting but in my clothing and accessories (including most of my 55 hats). Those colors seem to act like pheromones, giving me a virtual “high” without side effects (like “the munchies”).


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