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Here are samples of my work in graphic recording. The company, ArmaninoLLP, created an event called INNOVATIONfest during the week of November 29th to December 5th, 2016.
They hired several artists to do the following at three locations in California:

• Listen carefully to a group of about 12 people brainstorming solutions to a problem they selected from a short list.
• Take notes and make sketches during the 45-minute session.
• Create a visual recreation of the problem and group solutions on a 30 x 40″ foam core board in 45 minutes.

These are my boards, for the problems shown:

• PROBLEM: what are ways to manage email more effectively?










• PROBLEM: how can the company increase exercise and activity among employees?










• PROBLEM: what would make air travel less stressful and more fun?



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