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Jenny x2 Q9

“Naked, naked, naked!”

Five of my 16×20 nude acrylic paintings have been selected for two exhibitions in Astoria, OR in March. One of them, Jenny x2-Q9, will be displayed in a frame shop during the “Nudes Downtown” event that runs concurrently with the Au Naturel juried show at Clatsop Community College. (My 36×36 painting Big Sarah with Graffiti #2 was accepted for the Au Naturel show.) The other four paintings will be part of the VDAY (“V” as in Vagina Monologues!) events at Clatsop College Performing Art Center.

two female nudes in similar poses, arms up and shootidng out past the upoper edge of the canvas.
Two Women, arms up
quickk sketch of Delft, Holland market square

Rhoda Draws Europe! Exhibition

Six of my travel sketches, created on recent trips to central Europe will be on display at Gallery 305, 305 Bell Lane, Mill Valley, CA. Exhibit runs January 15 through April 15, 2013. Gallery hours Mon-Fri. 11am-4pm.

These sketches were created in ink and aquarelle pencil on location in Belgium, Germany, Holland and the Czech Republic. They are 6×9″, mounted in 11×14″ floater frames and priced @ $150 each.
Rhoda in the Rhineland, licking a life-size ice cream Sundae

Year in review

Looking back on the events in my artistic life for 2012, I will count taking another bite out of Europe as a high point! It was a concert tour with i Cantori, a choral group based in Carmel, CA. In additional to the thrill of singing in some of the most awesome venues in Poland, Germany, Belgium and Holland I also produced some satisfying sketches of street scenes and town squares. Those drawings led directly to offering sketching workshops in San Rafael.

I added a few items to my art resume, including online representation by Xanadu gallery of Scottsdale, AZ. One of my Big Sarah paintings was accepted for “Au Naturel”,  the annual nude art show in Astoria (Oregon) scheduled for early March. Even more exciting, and closer to home, is an invitation to prepare a solo show (my first!) in Pacific Grove, CA. That is set for May.

So, 2013 is already looking like an excellent year for exhibitions. I will continue to look for more opportunities to show (and sell) my artwork. The sketching workshops are beginning to develop a following, and might lead to a book project. I won’t call it a New Year’s resolution, but I intend to work on paintings, sketches or other art projects at least 4 or 5 days a week. As for Rhoda Draws A Crowd, I plan to generate more caricature gigs and follow up on convention and event leads once a week or more. Did I mention losing another 20 pounds?

I wish all who are reading this a very happy New Year.


full-figured nude surrounded by colorufl scribbles

Winter Open Studio

Sunday, December 2nd – 11am to 6pm.
I invite you to see my latest acrylic and mixed media figure paintings in studio 306 at the historic Industrial Center Building (ICB) at 480 Gate Five Road in Sausalito. I will exhibit only new work, created this year!
Digital painting demo at 2 and 4pm.
About 70 artists will throw their doors open for visitors that weekend. I can ONLY be there on Sunday, due to a prior commitment on Saturday (as Rhoda Draws A Crowd, I will be creating caricature entertainment at a wedding reception…gotta pay the rent!)

“Naked Ladies” show in Oakland

I arrived at the SOMAR opening for the “Naked Ladies” exhibit, and was delighted to see my “Two Zaftig Rachels” hanging in an excellent spot. Femily and Christine from Femme Cartel  were  very enthusiastic about my work, and introduced me to a number of patrons who also showered the painting (and me) with praise.

If that wasn’t excitiing enough, I strolled through the “art Murmur” street fair, and stumbled upon a van that could ONLY be inhabited by Android Jones, creator of this Painter 12 signature artwork.

Group show in Oakland, CA: Naked Ladies

My large (48 x 36″) painting “Two Zaftig Rachels” has been juried into an exhibition at a gallery operated by Femme Cartel, a women artists’ collective. The show, “Naked Ladies,” will  kick off with an “Urban Art party” on Friday, November 2nd from 5 to 8pm at SOMAR 1727 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, CA



One-woman show in the Spring!

The selection committee at the Pacific Grove (CA) Art Center has accepted my submission and granted me a solo show in one of their galleries. The dates are May 31 to July 11, 2013

Mill Valley Paint Off

Another Mill Valley Paint Off, and here’s my effort. Not as well-attended as 2010 and earlier years. Still, a great way to spend a day: working outdoors in the fresh air, with people coming by every so often to peek at the painting’s progress, and say (mostly) nice things.

Mill Valley Paint-Off September 8th

If you can get to Mill Valley, CA this Saturday, come to the Depot Plaza and watch me (along with about 30 other artists) create a painting in four hours. Artists begin work  at 10:30 am and must be finished by 2:30. The public gets to vote on their favorites, and awards are given in 3 categories.

In 2010 my painting sold on the spot.

Rhoda paints at the 2010 Mill Valley Paint Off
Rhoda paints at the 2010 Mill Valley Paint Off




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