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Custom Caricature: Detailed style, complex scene

custom caricature complex scene
custom caricature rough sketch complex scene

Custom Caricature Anniversary Gift: Celebrate your time together.

I met Bob and Marlene on a walking tour of the Czech Republic. They admired my sketches of scenes and architecture in Prague and smaller towns as well as a few caricatures I did of the other members of our group. After the trip was over, Bob commissioned me to do this caricature of him and Marlene as an anniversary gift.

I sent Bob this black-and-white version for approval. He requested that I take the wine bottles and glasses off the table and replace them with a Pilsner beer and some sausage. Yes, there is Czech wine, and we had visited a wine cellar for dinner and live music….but Bob and I both agree that we never met a Pilsner we didn’t like!

Detailed style with a complex scene and several generic figures in action.
$300 +

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custom caricature final sketch complex scene

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