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Mill Valley Paint Off

Another Mill Valley Paint Off, and here’s my effort. Not as well-attended as 2010 and earlier years. Still, a great way to spend a day: working outdoors in the fresh air, with people coming by every so often to peek at the painting’s progress, and say (mostly) nice things.

Caricature demo and workshop

This month at Riley Street Art Center, 1138 Fourth Street, San Rafael, CA:

September 15, 11 am to 1 pm

I will present a slideshow of celebrity caricatures by a variety of world-class artists. Following that, I will  demonstrate my own techniques, using both traditional and digital media.

September 22, 2 to 4 pm

I will present the basic principles of creating a satirical portrait, by doing a live demo and showing examples in a wide range of styles. Participants will practice drawing caricatures from photos as well as live subjects. Just bring your sense of humor!
Fee: $35, materials provided.

Mill Valley Paint-Off September 8th

If you can get to Mill Valley, CA this Saturday, come to the Depot Plaza and watch me (along with about 30 other artists) create a painting in four hours. Artists begin work  at 10:30 am and must be finished by 2:30. The public gets to vote on their favorites, and awards are given in 3 categories.

In 2010 my painting sold on the spot.

Rhoda paints at the 2010 Mill Valley Paint Off
Rhoda paints at the 2010 Mill Valley Paint Off




Quick Sketch workshop debuts

The first 3-hour quick-sketch workshop I offered at Riley Street At Supply on Saturday, August 18th was attended by four students, with experience ranging from none to intermediate. After a half-hour or so of preparation, we went out to sketch at two very different locations within two blocks of t he store. Mission San Rafael Arcangel provided the opportunity to sketch traditional architecdtural forms and palm trees in full sunlight. The City Plaza area offered scenes including small storefront eateries, umbrellas over outdoor seating, and modern buildings.

I learned a great deal about helping beginner students avoid some common pitfalls. As for more experienced artists who want to loosen up,  there are some helpful hints for them, too.  From a practical point of view, my materials list will have to include a wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen and water supply. I plan to offer this workshop on a regular basis (monthly?). Stay tuned.

Quick Sketch Demo a Success!

My 2-hour presentation at Riley Street Art Supply “drew a crowd” of about 20 enthusiastic attendees. I showed slides of my sketches, created over several years in a wide variety of settings, and countries. I laid out my pencils, pens and various kinds of paper for folks to practice with. I did only a little actual sketching, and will do much more of that next time.

Here’s a response from one participant, Judith J.

I thoroughly enjoyed your demo on Saturday. Your presentation was warm, funny, informative and helpful. I tried to apply some of your techniques at our Monday Morning Sketching Group in a beautiful garden this morning …. It’s all a wondrous experience.


Drawing demos and workshops

I will be offering the following  demonstrations and workshops at Riley Street Art Center, 1138 4th Street,  San Rafael, CA:

Quick Sketching for Travelers (or anyone on the go):

FREE demo on August 11, from 11am to 1pm

Workshop: Saturday, August 18th, 2-5pm $50. Download the materials list: Quick Sketch Techniques

The Art of Caricature

FREE demo: Saturday, September 15th 11am to 1pm

Workshop: Saturday, September 22, 2 to 4pm. $35  Materials provided



Mixed Media. Digital Nudes Printed On Paper And Adhered To Canvas. Acrylic Paint, Glass Bead Gel And Pencil Added.

Artist of the Month at Curves

My mixed media painting, 7 figures—rwz is hanging on display at the Curves fitness center in Mill Valley, CA until the end of July. There has been a great deal of interest in the piece, and quite a bit of speculation about what the painting means. I have posted the following explanation:

Each of the seven images of female nudes began as a digital painting of a live model, in short poses ranging from one to five minutes.

I printed the digital figures on Japanese paper, then cut them out and adhered them to a blank canvas. Acrylic  “skins” were added: the spiral shapes and squiggles. Areas of grainy texture were made with Glass Bead Gel. Acrylic paint, including interference purple for iridescence, and pencil strokes were also used.

This painting is part of a series of acrylic and mixed media works  that begin with two or more digital paintings of the female nude. The letters “rwz” have no particular significance…. they are simply shapes and serve to help me generate titles for paintings.


August demo and class

I am offering a free two-hour demonstration of “Quick Sketching for Travelers” at the Riley Street Art store in San Rafael, CA on Saturday August 11, 2012, from 11am to 1pm.

Also at Riley Street Art, a class “Quick Sketching on the Go” Saturday, August 18th from 2 to 5 pm. We will explore several choices in pencils, pens and paper quality, then go out to sketch at nearby locations. Fee is $50. Materials list available from me via email.
Check out these and other offerings at Riley Street Art:

European concert tour

July 1st
Returned from 18-day European concert tour with I Cantori di Carmel chorus. We sang and sight-saw in Poland, Germany, Belgium and Holland. I drank excellent beer, ate superb chocolate and saw some iconic art in world-class museums including the Van Goggghhh in Amsterdam.

The gothic and baroque architecture in towns such as Wittenberg, Koln and Brugge inspired a group of sketches that are for sale in a new category: Travel Sketches. Take a look.

Collectors’ Corner

Sally from Portland, Oregon came to my studio last year and bought a print of Rachel Reclining.

She just sent me a photo showing how it looks framed and hanging in her guest bathroom. I welcome all of my collectors to share how my artwork looks on their walls.

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